Rachel’s debut EP Building Castles is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon.comand more!

The Band EP – Available June 16!

The Band EP, a collection of six songs recorded at Brooklyn’s Bunker Studio, drops on June 16th! Until then, preview and pre-order on iTunes by clicking here!

The Band showcases Brown’s incredible growth as both a writer and a performer, most obviously embodied by—as the title would suggest—the expansion of her band to eight ecstatic pieces. Fronted by Brown singing and playing guitar/ukulele, the group also features electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, sax, trumpet, and kora, a 21-stringed West African instrument that dates back centuries.

“Since I released that first EP, my band doubled in size, The Darby happened, the whole energy changed,” says Brown. “For the new EP, I wanted to capture the band playing live together all in one room in an old-school kind of way.”